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Thousands of conscious women have finally found the happiness, attention and love they deserve. The new “Your Perfect Man” book shows how to achieve. Either it works . . . or it’s free!

"Your Perfect Man" book
Debbie Hasler

Debbie Hasler

“Just 12 days in . . . It’s been a MIRACLE!”

“After 12 days of practicing, a man from my past re-entered my life. I’ve never felt so seen and understood.”

Only in This Book, You'll Discover . . .

  • The 5-minute process that helps manifest the perfect man into our lives. Just take a pen and paper and answer 4 simple questions every day. (See page 36)
  • How some women are able to "make" their guys change - without even talking to them about it. (Page 29)
  • The only reason why men lose interest and turn into “cold jerks.” And what it has to do with our parents. (Page 34)
  • Why affirmations, visualization, and the law of attraction don’t work. Do this instead. (Page 20)
  • What NOT to do when we feel strong emotions. This insight alone transformed the lives of thousands of women! (Watch the bonus video that comes with the book)
  • What to do when our partner reacts with anger to our love - or is passive and absent. The best part? There’s no need to talk to him about it! (Page 24)
  • The ONE thing to do to finally be seen, understood and cherished by guys. It has nothing to do with our appearance. (Page 31)
  • How to start healing the relationships with kids - even when they don’t want to talk to us. (Page 8)
  • And much more!

Meet the Author - Brian D. Ridgway

Brian is a #1 international bestselling author and international speaker.

Brian Speaking

Since 2011, he has helped over 156,132 people from 84 countries to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Lisa Cloud

Lisa Cloud

“He is a different man now!”

“After a few days, my partner surprisingly came back to me CHANGED. I had never said a word about the process to my partner, but he literally came back full of the things I had focused on in the process!”

The 4 Questions With the Potential to Heal Broken Relationship

After nearly losing his life, Brian made a breakthrough discovery. He invented 4 simple questions that have the power to heal broken relationships. It’s all about asking ourselves these questions every day and writing our answers down - and that's how we can create miracles in our relationships.

These questions work on two levels.

First, they touch and dissolve any mental "blocks" that are holding us back from experiencing love and happiness.

Second, they influence our vibration and energy to help us manifest a relationship that we truly want.

That’s why Brian called this technique the Perfect Partner Process.

What's best is that we only need to practice for about 5-15 minutes per day. The Perfect Partner Process will constantly work in the background. It'll influence our mind and energy the whole day - and even when we sleep!

The impact it has on our life can be almost miraculous . . . yet it happens for real!

Thanks to this technique, today Brian shares his life with an amazing woman who's his Soulmate. They have the deepest connection Brian ever experienced in his life.

Brian D. Ridgway

This very same insight helped thousands of conscious women to find love, happiness and intimacy in their relationship . . . Even if nothing worked for them before.

That's why today, Brian makes such a bold promise:

Either the "Your Perfect Man" book brings you the biggest relationship breakthrough of your life - or it's free!

Relationship Miracles That Happen FOR REAL

“I restored broken relationships with my two daughters!”

“Thanks to this process, for the first time in my life, I found out how to truly love myself and:

 - Ended a completely failed, 14-year relationship
 - Lost 68 pounds

 - Stopped taking pain pills I’d been addicted to for 15 years
 - Restored broken relationships with my 12 and 20-year-old daughters”

Lorrie Hampton


“I know I DON’T need anyone else to make me happy!”

“Brian, I have never been sooooooo happy being single. I KNOW I don’t need anyone else in my life to ‘make me happy’. And now I KNOW I can finally function sanely and lovingly again in a real relationship.”


Deborah Sakamoto

“I instantly found the most wonderful man!”

“I ended a non-ideal relationship and almost immediately after met the cutest most wonderful man.”

Deborah Sakamoto

“I thought my relationship was amazing . . . now it’s even better!”

I thought my relationship with my partner was AMAZING. Now we are going to new levels I wasn't expecting. He notices the difference as well and is using more conscious words. As I learn he follows suit. I share everything with him. I love this man so much.

Caron Prins

Pallavi Kapoor

“In less than an hour, the grief over the passing of my husband was gone”

“In less than an hour, the grief I’d carried from the passing of my first husband was gone. Completely gone. I had tried so many things, but this process is just amazing.”

Pallavi Kapoor

Jennifer Morris

"No more judgment and blame!"

“I have felt an amazing relief of judgment and blame I have been holding on to for years and through many partners.”

Jennifer Morris

“Before I met Brian, I didn’t understand what unconditional love was”

“Before I met Brian:

- I believed that pushing away my feelings was healthy
- I believed in “loss”
- I spanked and controlled my children
- I didn’t understand what unconditional love was
Brian, I love you so much!”

Erika Ham

Bonuses That You Get With Your Book

Brian is famous for his generosity. People who work with him admit that no matter what he does, he always over-delivers on his promises.

That's why when you order his book, you get free access to these powerful bonuses:

Bonus 1

The Inner Child Meditation

One of the most powerful ways that help you stay calm and centered, is talking to your Inner Child.

Conscious people use this technique especially when they feel anger, sadness or fear. It allows them to shift their energy, relax and find peace of mind.

In this state it’s easier to stay in control of our feelings - and this is one of the keys to having a happy, conscious relationship.

That’s why Brian gives you one of his blockbuster guided meditations - the Inner Child Meditation.

This audio meditation is worth $88 - yet you get it for free with your book!

Bonus 2

The Orientation Session From Brian's Your Perfect Man Live Program

Not long ago, Brian hosted his first-ever live Your Perfect Man program. In it, he personally helped a group of 86 women deal with all sorts of relationship troubles.

To introduce them to the program, he hosted an Orientation Session. During this session, he walked the participants through his process and answered their questions.

Many of the women said they got their money’s worth just from this single session. That's why Brian gives you a video recording from this session that shows you how to use his "4-Questions" technique for maximum benefit.

The recordings of this program are worth $777 . . . yet Brian gives you the video clip from the Orientation Session absolutely free, when you get his book.

Optional Bonus

Your Perfect Man Premium Audiobook Package

If you're busy or want to quickly absorb the insights from this book, add this Premium Audiobook Package to your order!

Thanks to a special subliminal background track, these audiobooks can help you absorb these amazing insights more effectively.

Here’s what’s included in this Premium Package:

1. A full audiobook in a single file

Just upload it to your device and listen to it whenever you want.

2. A full audiobook with each chapter in a separate file

With this, you can quickly re-listen to the chapters you liked the most. Or quickly find answers to your questions whenever you need to.

3. The Alpha Version

Alpha brain waves help us focus.

In the alpha-state, we’re putting our brain into a “learning mode”. So it absorbs the information faster and stores it more easily.

4. The Schumann Frequency Version

Schumann Frequency is the natural frequency of Earth - using it calms us down and helps us relax. So that’s included too.

It quickly relieves anxiety during and after the day. By helping us relax, this version makes the information reach even deeper levels of our mind.

5. The Delta Version

This version is perfect to listen to before going to sleep.

It helps to get a deeper, more restful sleep while also gently soaking the material into our mind.

Brian's not offering these audiobooks anywhere else - not even on his website.

This is the only place where you can get it.

If you don’t add it to your order, you will lose your chance of getting it . . . and making the transformation faster and smoother than you thought possible.

So only on this page, can you get the Premium Audiobook Package at the special price of $22 all in.

The audiobook is added to your order by default. Yet if you choose to buy the book without it, simply uncheck the box on the order page (see the instructions below)

Either it Works - Or it's Free

Here's what you get when you order the Your Perfect Man book today:

  • The Your Perfect Man book (Value $88)
  • The Inner Child Meditation (Value $88)
  • A video clip from the Orientation Session from Brian's live Your Perfect Man program. There’s no possibility to get this session separately, so you’d have to invest $777 to get it - but it’s added to your book for free
  • An Optional Premium Audiobook Package that is only available on this page (Value $49.95 - you get it for just $22!)

It all adds up to over $953 worth of life-changing insights. And if you act now and take advantage of the “First Release Offer” - you can get it all for just $33!

It all adds up to over $953 worth of life-changing insights.

And if you act now and take advantage of the “First Release Offer” - you can get it all for just $33!


PLUS, you’re protected by Brian’s 180-day money-back guarantee

Get the book, go through it and follow Brian’s guidance. If you practice regularly and see no change whatsoever, you have a whole 180 days - six-months - to get a full refund.

No questions asked!

So take advantage of this “First Release Offer”, save 62.5% and receive over $953 worth of bonuses!

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